You Can start when a No Longer Re-subscribe To Airtel Night Data Plans, But Here Is Now Your Best Bet

Of late Airtel has been touching up their night data plans in different manners and that it has turned out to affect the stability of the plan in one way or the other; either difficulty in subscription or unable to browse/download with it after subscription.

At first is that they /2016/09/airtel-increases-price-of-n50-for-15gb.html" target="_blank">increased the price of the night data plan, and now is that you can no longer subscribe again in same night after exhausting the night data plans as you have to wait for the next to re-subscribe.

For those that know the airtel night data plans very well, you will agree with me that before now, after you exhaust the 500MB or 1.5GB data allotted to you, you can easily re-subscribe that same night and continue with what you are doing.

But now, it is unfortunate that airtel has stopped that as same night re-subscription of the data plans is no longer allowed; if you now try to do so, a…